Finally a bioethanol fireplace, looking like a real fireplace


1 – Choose below the configuration that best matches your fireplace idea.
2 – Choose the dimensions of your fireplace.
3 – Personalise your fireplace with the desired accessories.

1 - Choose your configuration

Open Wallsetting

An open wallsetting is any configuration that has more than one open side. You only need the BIO-O! system for installation. The system is designed in such a way that you can place it anywhere you like. It will never get too hot around the system. If you install cabinets above the system, make sure that the lower part is fireproof. We can always advise you on the type of material that can be used.

Open/ See-through setting

If your fireplace unit has open sides at the front and back in a manner you can see straight through, you should request the option ‘see-through’. This will ensure that the stonesetting will fit nicely on both sides and the BIO-O! system will come with 2 additional glasses.

Built-in setting

In this setting, BIO-O! provides an optional minimalist fireplace cassette where the BIO-O! fireplace system can be inserted into. Both fit nicely and form a coherent whole.

When working with the BIO-O! cassette, the ventilation of the system is cleared. If in some way the ventilation is restricted, special measures need to be taken to make sure the system is properly ventilated. Request for advise is recommended.

In addition, you also have the possibility to opt for a frame.

Fire basket in an existing fireplace

The BIO-O! fireplace system is beautifully finished and is perfectly suited to be placed as a fire basket in an existing fireplace. Choose the BIO-O! fireplace system 40-60, which has a filling effect in your mantelpiece due to its higher flames.

3 - Choose your accessoires

accessoires bio-ethanol haard

Does your home soon also have a real fire without a chimney?

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